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The Traditional Parking Garage
Advanced Parking Garages Provide a Superior Customer ExperienceIn most instances where a very large volume of parking is required and space is somewhat limited, a classic parking garage is chosen to solve the parking requirements. They have become popular solutions because of their ability to provide parking for a substantial number of vehicles while facilitating the collection of funds from customers by having centralized entrances and exits.
Given the obvious benefits of building a traditional parking garage, there are also many limitations and possible dangers associated with them as well. There is now a new type of parking solution that offers the same benefits as traditional parking garages but also improves on every element of the traditional parking lot.
Advanced Parking Garages
This new type of parking solution is often referred to as an "advanced parking garage” due to the advances made over the classic parking garages. Using hydraulic motors to move the vehicles from a loading platform to an available parking slot allows vehicles to be parked in an extremely efficient manner. Being able to vertically park vehicles in a very compact space makes it possible to park more vehicles in a limited space than ever before.
There can be poorly lit areas in traditional parking garages that can make parking a dangerous experience whether it be a collision with another vehicle or a threat to personal safety. A poorly lit walk to a vehicle can be an intimidating and frightening experience for anyone. The larger sized parking garages make it harder to adequately secure people and vehicles against vandalism and other crimes. The compact design of advanced parking garages makes them much easier to light adequately so that they are completely secure ensuring the safest parking experience possible.
Since customers only need to drive to a central loading platform where the vehicle is then turned off, fuel emissions are greatly reduced. No longer is it necessary to drive around from level to level looking for an available parking space wasting fuel and polluting the environment. Advanced parking garages also offer significant savings in terms of electricity required since they require less overall lighting and ventilation due to their compact designs. This helps to lower operating costs.
Perhaps the biggest benefit of these advanced parking garages is the enhanced user experience that they provide. These systems present customer conveniences such as:
  • Quick vehicle retrieval times (usually less than a minute)
  • Ease of parking (pull vehicle straight onto loading platform to park, pull straight out to exit)
  • Ease of finding a parking space (the system finds the spot for the customer and parks the vehicle)
Uses for Advanced Parking Garages
Advanced parking garages can be used in any scenario where a traditional parking garage would be used. The supreme efficiency afforded by these new parking solutions make them especially suited to situations where a high volume of parking is required and available space is limited.
Where advanced parking garages are typically used:
  • Multi-Family Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Stand-alone Parking Garages
Parking Lift Makes Urban Areas Greener – and More Profitable
Cities are Changing – and So Is Parking
Our cities are changing rapidly. Many urban centres are densifying, with infill and high-rise developments using up vacant land. Much of that space had been given over to parking lots because it was an easy and cheap fix for the car culture. Large lots often generated more revenue than a building.
But population pressures are now forcing cities to use their vacant and under-utilized land more economically. The revenues generated from those old parking lots don't match the profits that can be made from high-rise condominium or commercial development. In addition, there is a growing disdain in city planning departments for the waste of space that characterizes parking lots, and the car culture it promotes. Green, walkable cities are the Holy Grail, and urban pedestrians don't want to waste time skirting large parking lots.
What is Replacing the Traditional Lot?
With the loss of traditional parking lots comes the rise of a new phenomenon – the automated parking lift garage. These are still more common in Europe, which has long had to juggle the needs to park cars with limited urban space. In fact, Paris built its first vertical, automated lot in 1905. But they are now catching on in North America.
The pressure to park cars in a more economical, profitable way is also paralleled in inner city residential areas. Front pad parking is increasingly seen as environmentally destructive, as it covers green space. But people still want and need their cars and, again, the solution to parking pressures can now be found in small-scale residential parking lifts.
A Parking Lift for Every Use
The kind of parking lift solution employed can be unique to the building or parcel of land available. What parking lift garages have in common is the ability of drivers to park their car, and have it safely and quickly moved to a stacked-storage area. Parking Lifts can also return the car efficiently to the driver.
The new move to replace traditional lots with automated parking lift spaces can be safe, convenient – and profitable.
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